For anti-seismic and eco-sustainable steel

Acciaierie di Sicilia

ACCIAIERIE DI SICILIA was founded by the Alfa Acciai Group in 1998 and is the only steel mill in Sicily.

The production capacity is around 500,000 tonnes a year of reinforcing steel in bars and coils, made using EAF technology and ferrous scrap collected only from all over Sicily.

Now, over a decade later, the production plant has a 300-strong workforce plus around 200 people working in the network of interconnected suppliers.

High production capacity, state-of-the-art technology and a wide range of products have earned the company a good position in the European steel making industry. The company is now the Alfa Acciai Group’s benchmark for southern Italy and the islands.

To tackle the crisis affecting the industry, which was particularly serious in Sicily due to a drop in investments in public works and competition from non-EU products, Acciaierie di Sicilia launched a major investment plan to increase its production and organisational efficiency and, more importantly, achieve a good environmental performance, by making eco-compatibility and sustainability its main development objectives in view of achieving a competitive edge in the industry.

The result of this huge investment was the creation of a new eco-sustainable steel, dubbed B450C S, which guarantees a higher performance in quality and environmental terms. Compared to the existing provisions of law (Ministerial Decree 14/1/2008 – the Building Consolidation Act), the new steel developed by Acciaierie di Sicilia will provide designers and users with superior mechanical characteristics in terms of ductility, making the structures more anti-seismic, and with precise and certified environmental product characteristics, making building construction increasingly eco-sustainable.

This is the same route followed by the Sicilian Regional Authority, which, in connection with the so-called “housing plan”, issued a decree in July 2010 that promotes and rewards the use of eco-sustainable materials in building construction. B450C S steel amply meets the requirements, thanks to an indication of the recycled contents and to EPD environmental labelling, which certifies the low environmental impact of this kind of steel. Acciaierie di Sicilia’s Environmental Product Declaration is Europe’s first case of application to a production plant making reinforcing steel.

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