A European leader in steelmaking

Alfa Acciai

ALFA ACCIAI is one of Italy’s largest steel manufacturers using EAF technology. Sixty years after it was founded in Brescia, it has become one of the leading manufacturers of steels for reinforced concrete in Europe and among the first producers of wire rod in Italy.

ALFA ACCIAI has two of the most efficient electric arc furnaces in Europe, two rebar mills, a wire rod mill and a cold working bay for the production of an extended range of steel in rebars and coils for reinforced concrete, high-ductility welded mesh, hot-rolled recoiled wire and wire rod.

Well aware of the evolving technological and social requirements of steel production today, since the very beginning ALFA ACCIAI has focused resources on achieving process innovation in order to give its products special mechanical features, including high ductility, a quality considered indispensable for steel used in seismic areas. Since building construction is evolving towards increasing environmental awareness, ALFA ACCIAI stands by its customers, ready to meet the challenge of bio-building with the production of anti-seismic and eco-sustainable reinforcing steel.

As part of its corporate policy that focuses on investing in efficiency and enhanced quality in the production process, in 2016 ALFA ACCIAI took over the Brescia-based Tecnofil, one Europe’s leading wire drawing mills specializing in galvanised, alu-zinc, bright wire, annealed wire, coated wire and wire band for use in building construction, household appliances, automotive and numerous other everyday life applications.

Given that wire rod is the raw material used by Tecnofil, the result of the acquisition is a new downstream integration for ALFA ACCIAI, since its highly competitive rolling mill has produced it since 1962. This allows both companies to take out the most of their potential: ALFA ACCIAI for wire rod and Tecnofil (

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