Corporate social responsibility and sustainable development


Emergency management is a complex issue that covers not only fires, but also all other types of emergencies such as natural calamities, particularly adverse weather conditions or serious environmental pollution. Handling emergencies of this kind calls for efficient organisation and preparation.

ALFA ACCIAI implements measures to prevent such hazardous situations and protect the workforce.

With regard to fire-fighting, the Prevention and Protection Service governs both the documentary part (Fire Prevention Certificate, Fire Risk Assessment) and the practical part thanks to the management, periodic monitoring and maintenance of the fire-fighting equipment and devices.

The equipment comprises portable extinguishers, hydrants and fire-fighting equipment located at numerous points throughout the factory.
Automatic and hand-operated extinguishing devices using foam, carbon dioxide and halogenated gas are located in all sensitive areas.
Several dozen fire-fighting team members have attended a specific training course held by ALFA ACCIAI in accordance with the Ministerial Decree of 10 March 1998.

The fire-fighting team rota is organised to cover the entire calendar year and the entire premises.


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