Corporate social responsibility and sustainable development

Organisational model

  • A valid means for enhancing awareness by all those operating on behalf of ALFA ACCIAI, so that they adopt correct behaviour in line with their personal tasks.
  • A vital means of preventing the risk of the crimes contemplated in the Decree being committed.

Following the introduction in the list of crimes contemplated in Legislative Decree no. 231 of manslaughter and serious or very serious injury committed in breach of the accident prevention rules, ALFA ACCIAI decided to adopt an Organisational Model for safety in the workplace.

This model was drawn up in accordance with the requirements of art. 30 of the Consolidated Act on Safety in the Workplace (TUS 2008).

Considering ALFA ACCIAI’s organisational layout and activity, it has been decided to postpone a discussion on extending the Model to other crimes envisaged in Legislative Decree no. 231.


Structure of ALFA ACCIAI’s Organisational Model

General Part

  • Introduction
  • Description of the Model and the Code of Conduct
  • Supervisory Board
  • Disciplinary system
  • Diffusion and communication of the Model
  • Training

Special Part

  • Description of the Alfagest information system
  • Description of the management of corporate functions and processes under art. 30 of the TUS.

The processes described in the special part of the model are the practices currently adopted by the company.

These company processes are subject to continuous review following an analysis of events, reports received, internal and external audits and any changes in the accident-prevention regulations.


The Model is complemented by the Code of Conduct, which sets out the company’s values, principles of behaviour and commitments in relations with all those it interfaces with (employees, directors, collaborators, the public administration, customers, suppliers, competitors, political and trade union organisations, mass media and the environment).




The ORGANISATIONAL MODEL and the CODE OF CONDUCT are available on request.

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