Customer satisfaction guaranteed


The high standard of quality of ALFA ACCIAI products, which are renowned throughout Italy and abroad, is guaranteed by the following:

    • compliance with contract, quality and technical requirements, including binding ones
    • the products’ intrinsic characteristics and corporate competitiveness
    • highly reliable support and service
    • a dedicated and professional workforce
    • customer satisfaction based ALFA ACCIAI’s quality policy
    • constant upgrading of processes and production plant with latest-generation electromechanical and steel-making technology
    • specific rigorous operating procedures controlling the entire production cycle
    • excellent test laboratory facilities staffed by fully qualified personnel and equipped with modern instruments.

ALFA ACCIAI implements a Quality Management System in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001. In line with the deep conviction that it is essential to operate responsibly and sustainably if a durable competitive edge is to be achieved, ALFA ACCIAI obtained certification of the Quality System as early as 1989, one of the very first in Italy to do so.
This record received formal recognition in 2005, when the company was awarded the “First certification seniority certificate” by ACCREDIA during an event entitled “A hundred thousand quality certifications”.

The Quality Management System is certified by the IGQ – the Italian Quality Assurance Institute – and by IQNet – the International Certification Network, a guarantee that the company operates in accordance with clearly defined operating procedures and instructions, which are constantly updated in line with the company’s technical and organisational development and cover all activities, from the acceptance of incoming materials to the monitoring and control of processes and finished products. This enables problems involving the production process to be solved promptly and systematically.

    • ALFA ACCIAI’s Quality Management System has been certified since 1989.

ALFA ACCIAI is a member of UNSIDER – the Italian steel standardization body – and is involved in drawing up and developing technical standards at a national and European level.

It is also a founder member of SISMIC, the technical association for promoting seismic steels in reinforced concrete.

Several years back the company implemented a voluntary certification system with the SISMIC quality mark for hot-rolled reinforcing steels in bars and coils, which attests the product’s excellent quality.

The purpose of this quality mark is to guarantee compliance with all the applicable requirements, both mandatory and voluntary. SISMIC products come with documents certifying radiometric testing of all stages of the production process, axial fatigue testing, cyclical load testing, bending and straightening suitability testing, and insurance coverage for damage or injury due to non-conforming products.

The right to use the SISMIC mark is only granted following rigorous inspections conducted by an independent certifying body.

SISMIC, and hence ALFA ACCIAI, now proposes the new ECOSISMIC mark the result of the need to certify excellence in the production of reinforcing steels in terms not merely of seismic protection but also of environmental sustainability.

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