Ongoing investment in plant and business innovation

Steel mill

ALFA ACCIAI’s 140,000 m² steel mill occupies the largest part of the 353,000 m² plant and employs a 300-strong workforce.

Steel production ‘starts’ in the scrap yard, continues in the production bay and ends at the platform ejecting billets to go on to the rolling process.

Two EAF smelting furnaces handle the steel mill’s core process and feed two production lines. The steel is refined in a bath and the metallurgical parameters are established in the respective LADLE FURNACES.








The billet casting process is handled by two 5-strand CONTINUOUS CASTING MACHINES. The casting parameters are handled by a complex automated system that optimises them in real time and adjusts them whenever necessary.








The steel mill produces a range of square-section billetssize 120-140 mm, measuring 4-12 metres in length.

The plant is engineered so that the production process is closely linked to a series of satellite facilities, including a modern off-gas system for furnace 1, which was built in 2007 to high environmental safety standards, which undergo constant improvements, such as a recent intervention to introduce permanent dioxin monitoring, used up until then only in waste-to-energy plants.

Over the years the steel mill has undergone regular technological upgrades to ensure that competitiveness, sustainability and safety progress hand in hand. This has entailed a series of investments in new equipment, including a new off-gas system, new smelting furnace and continuous casting machines control cabins providing improved operator comfort, a process control system to safeguard product quality, and a fully automated monitoring system to ensure a high standard of safety. The company has achieved both the environmentally-friendly slag treatment investment and the hyper-technological management of the scrap yard.

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