Corporate social responsibility and sustainable development

Supervisory Board

An entity that overseas the Organisational Models, whose specific tasks are to:

  • monitor the efficiency of and compliance with the Models
  • update the models and adapt them to changes in the company’s organisation and operations.

The Supervisory Board has the following features:

Autonomy and independence

  • It must be able to act autonomously and must have its own budget.
  • Its members should hold top positions within the company, and preferably report directly to the Board of Directors.
  • It must not be assigned operational tasks.
  • It should preferably be a collective structure, in medium-large companies.


  • It must be provided with the specialist tools and methods required to carry out its designated activity (inspections and advice).
  • It must also possess the necessary skills (e.g. regarding legal methods and internal audit).

Continuity of action

  • A dedicated structure is preferable in medium-large companies.

Information flows -> Reports to the Supervisory Board

What to report: breach of the rules

  • Any breach of the rules of behaviour and procedure established in the Organisational Model that come to a person’s knowledge directly or indirectly.
  • Comments on the adequacy of the system, highlighting emerging requirements and any criticalities.

Other information flows

  • The Supervisory Board can regulate information flow methods and times ad hoc for specific areas involved in activities with a potential crime risk.

Who communicates with the Supervisory Board

  • All recipients of the Organisational Model are required to submit information flows promptly to the Supervisory Board and report any infringements of the Model.
  • Failed or delayed communication of these information flows to the Supervisory Board is considered a breach of the Organisational Model and is subject to sanctions under the disciplinary system.

How to communicate with the Supervisory Board

  • By a NON-ANONYMOUS written communication consigned to Reception in a sealed enveloped addressed to the Supervisory Board.
  • By e-mail addressed to
  • By letter addressed to OdV di Alfa Acciai S.p.A., 152 Via San Polo, Brescia.

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