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1950s, 1960s and 1970s

Alfa Acciai started producing and rolling steel in Brescia in the mid-1950s. It soon became a benchmark in the industry and the construction sector at a time of rapid social and economic growth. The installation of a continuous casting system and heavy investments in new technology allowed the company to step up the production capacity in both the steel mill and rolling mill. The company achieved an optimal size and a competitive edge, gradually building up a sound, steadily growing business.


Alfa Acciai responded to the structural crisis in the steel industry by rationalising its production equipment and technically upgrading its production processes. Two new electric arc furnaces were installed next to the ladle furnaces, and a new rebar mill also went into operation.


The company’s technical and marketing strategy focused increasingly on all types of steel for the building industry. Eager to exploit major opportunities in southern Italy, Alfa Acciai took over Acciaierie di Sicilia (Catania), the only steel mill on the island. This major investment led to a considerable increase in quality standards, output and exports, which were favoured by the mill’s strategic position in the centre of the Mediterranean. Alfa Acciai set up a cold-processing division to make welded wire mesh and cold-rolled ribbed wire. The  takeover of Ferroberica (Vicenza) enabled it to upgrade all its cold processes to meet the requirements of the building industry, including the pre-shaping and assembling of reinforcing steel.


In 2004, Alfa Acciai installed its third rolling mill to add reinforcing steel in spooled coils to its product range, an innovation in terms of mechanical features, dimensions and packaging.

In the following years, the Alfa Acciai Group increased its production capacity to 2.5 million tonnes a year, with a peak in 2008, to become one of Europe’s leading producers of reinforcing steel for the construction industry.

The long-pursued environmental awareness has become a vital element in corporate governance since the start of the new millennium. The achievement of the Integrated Environmental Permit (IEP), as well as the certifications regarding the recycled content, Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety management systems, the European voluntary sustainability certification called Suststeel and the environmental product declaration are clear evidence of the group’s intention to pursue and develop this qualifying and competitive commitment.

2010 to date

The Alfa Acciai Group’s response to the crisis that has affected the construction industry for over a decade is an ever increasing efficiency in production, which allowed the Group to break even with less output.

The Alfa Acciai Group has been increasingly oriented towards customer service, by focusing on the production of steel for the reinforcement of concrete, while respecting the environment and the worker health and safety in the workplace, with renewed attention to  the production of wire rod and to its processing, following the acquisition of Tecnofil in 2016, thus becoming fully involved in the world of drawing mills.


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