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Alfa Acciai – Manufacturing Excellence

Alfa Acciai – Manufacturing Excellence

Alfa Acciai – Manufacturing Excellence

“The α–ME production system used at Alfa Acciai and Acciaierie di Sicilia is more than a simple quality system. The name alone conveys the strong connection in the group – everyone, as “me”, plays a part in the success of the ALFA brand and manufacturing excellence.
The α-ME is based on the following principles:

  • Ongoing improvement based on scientific method and the adoption of key performance indicators (KPIs);
  • The application of LEAN Production principles, to streamline the production process to consist solely of phases that create added value;
  • Painstaking care to detail, to achieve results and ongoing improvement while striving to keep costs down;
  • The involvement of everyone at all levels, defining roles and responsibilities, and adopting a 'learning by doing' mind-set;
  • Active participation in UNISIDER (Italian iron and steel standardisation authority), for the preparation and development of technical standards, at an Italian and European level;
  • Think and act quickly to always be one step ahead.

Quality Management System at Alfa Acciai and Acciaierie di Sicilia

Alfa Acciai and Acciaierie di Sicilia implement a Quality Management System in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001.

In line with the firm conviction that it is essential to operate responsibly and sustainably if a durable competitive edge is to be achieved and in order to address problems involving the production process in a systematic and timely manner, Alfa Acciai obtained cerification of the Quality System as early as 1989, one of the very first in Italy to do so, while Acciaierie di Sicilia implemented it in 2001.


Both Quality Management Systems are certified by IGQ – the Italian Quality Assurance Institute – and IQNet – the International Certification Network – a guarantee that the companies operate in accordance with clearly defined operating procedures and instructions, which are constantly updated in line with the company’s technical and organisational development, from the acceptance of raw materials to in-process test and inspection of the end product.

Alfa Acciai
Acciaierie di Sicilia

Test laboratories

The quality of Alfa Acciai and Acciaierie di Sicilia products, which is recognised both nationally and internationally, is ensured by the following:

  • A statistical process control system designed to prevent errors, therefore logged checks are carried out in each crucial phase of the process;
  • Incoming material is sample checked via x-ray fluorescence spectrometry with portable and laboratory tools, or via atomic absorption spectroscopy;
  • Our laboratories have cutting-edge tools and qualified technicians;
  • The chemical composition of our products is ensured via direct optical spectrometry (quantometer) and carbon/sulphur (C-S) and oxygen/nitrogen (O-N) analysers;
  • The finished product is tested mechanically in our laboratories using modern machinery to ensure compliance with current normative standards;
  • Micrographic Analysis of the steel produced by Optical Microscopy;
  • Failure Analyses can be performed for our customers at the in-house Metallurgy Laboratory;
  • Continuous investment to adopt the best technological solutions available in the electro-mechanical and steel industries;
  • The widespread use of computer applications to bring the process into the digital era, minimising error and reaffirming the well-established quality of the brand.

“With the α–ME production system we're aiming to be a reference in the steel industry, in terms of efficiency and quality of the production process, to maximise customer satisfaction.“

IMQ - ISO 50001
IMQ - ISO 50001
Certquality - ISO 45001:2018
IGQ - ISO 9001 - 14001
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