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Health and safety

Safeguarding and enhancing worker health and safety are absolute priorities at Alfa Acciai and Acciaierie di Sicilia.

Health and safety management system

The Alfa Acciai Group adopts Health and Safety Management Systems as tools guaranteeing the pursuit and achievement of high levels of health & safety protection of workers to all stakeholders.  
Through the Management Systems, Alfa Acciai and Acciaierie di Sicilia are therefore committed to:

  • Learning, understanding and monitoring the evolution of their own specific field of action, internally and externally, in order to quickly perceive changes in risks and opportunities;
  • Developing personnel knowledge through education and training programmes capable of determining an adequate awareness of individual roles, their impact on corporate organisation and the related risks;
  • Maintaining a constant, correct dialogue with all the stakeholders;
  • Planning, monitoring and correct, if necessary, the performance of own processes/ services or ones subcontracted to suppliers and subcontractors;
  • Protecting the health and safety of workers through the control of hazards, arousing awareness and reducing risks, health and safety supervision and surveillance, monitoring and improvement of accident indices, analysis of events and near-events, involvement of workers and their representatives;
  • Planning the management of emergencies and periodically test feedbacks.

All these commitments are the mainstay of the occupational Health and Safety policy at  Alfa Acciai and Acciaierie di Sicilia and are translated into programmes of measurable and periodically monitored objectives and goals. 


Safety management software

Alfa Acciai and Acciaierie di Sicilia use a dedicated Worker Health & Safety Management software that is updated to comply with latest normative standards in the industry. The software is designed to be simple and intuitive for use by both companies to programme, execute, monitor and improve all corporate processes.

The distinctive feature of IT management is real-time updating of the information contained in the Risk Assessment Document for each company and the automatic generation of training, healthcare and personal protection requirements.

This software is the result of significant process of continuous evolution, that has been developed over the years to control all health and safety aspects, namely:

  • Employee database;
  • Risk analysis for each task;
  • Identification of technical and organisational measures;
  • Intervention schedule;
  • Personal Protection Equipment (applied for and received);
  • Information, education and training (applied for and received);
  • Injuries;
  • Health surveillance;
  • Maintenance and legislative compliance of all systems and equipment.

Radiation protection

The identification of radioactive-contaminated material or sources dispersed in the scrap entering the factory premises is a delicate aspect faced by Alfa Acciai and Acciaierie di Sicilia with the utmost attention.

The companies have installed numerous detectors that use latest-generation technology specific for radiometric monitoring.

The instruments are strategically positioned to monitor the entry, storage and processing of all the materials used in the melting cycle, as well as all the outgoing products.

IMQ - ISO 50001
IMQ - ISO 50001
Certquality - ISO 45001:2018
IGQ - ISO 9001 - 14001
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