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The Alfa Acciai Group comprises several well-established companies specialised in various steel-making areas in Northern and Southern Italy,  a guarantee of products and services qualifying the Brescia-based Group as an excellent business partner in terms of quality and reliability.

Being involved in the entire steel-making chain, with an integrated supply system upstream and downstream of the parent company, the Alfa Acciai Group can meet a vast range of customer’s operating requirements to the full and guarantee a superior standard of quality at all stages of the production process.

Alfa Acciai

Alfa Acciai

Alfa Acciai, the Brescia-based parent company, is one of the largest EAF steel mills in Italy. It ranks among Europe’s leading manufacturers of reinforcing steel and one of the first producers of wire rod in Italy.


Covering a total surface area of about 354,000 m2, Alfa Acciai is equipped with a scrap shredder, two of Europe’s most efficient EAFs, two rebar mills, a wire rod mill and a production facility for downstream operations (the company Alfa Derivati is also situated in Montirone in the Brescia region). These facilities ensure an extensive production range bearing the Alfa Acciai brand in diameters from 5.5 to 32 mm, which includes rebars, coils, spooled coils, recoiled wire for reinforced concrete, high-ductility welded wire mesh and wire rod.


Since it was set up in the 1950s, Alfa Acciai has focused resources on achieving process innovation in order to give its products special mechanical features, including high ductility, a quality considered indispensable for steel used in seismic areas. Since building construction is evolving towards increasing environmental awareness, Alfa Acciai stands by its customers, ready to meet the challenge of bio-building with the production of anti-seismic and eco-sustainable reinforcing steel. The recent acquisition of Tecnofil wire drawing mill has made it possible to take out the most of the rolling mills for the production of wire rod for drawing in terms of quality and competitiveness.


In order to challenge the crisis and achieve maximum efficiency upstream and downstream of the smelting process and as part of its ongoing plant and process improvement, Alfa Acciai has  entered into a partnership with Harsco Metals, an U.S. diversified multinational provider of innovative technologies and services to steel mills for the processing of materials, logistics and the recovery and recycling of steelmaking by-products.


Increasingly focusing on environmental sustainability issues, with efficiency-oriented actions to achieving ongoing improvement and reducing the use of carbon materials from fossil sources, Alfa Acciai has worked in partnership with A2A, a major Italian utility company, to realise an innovative, efficient system to recover thermal energy from the steel mill and transfer it to the district heating network, thus moving towards the circularity of energy and its recovery, as well as representing the classic example of the circular nature of metal scrap.


The quality of its products is recognised by numerous national and international product certifications and it was among the first in Italy to obtain the Quality and Environmental Management certifications.


The strategic driver of Alfa Acciai’s success is the expertise gained almost 70 years of operations in the industry, but also the resilience and dynamism of 700 staff members.

Alfa Acciai

Acciaierie di Sicilia

Acciaierie di Sicilia

Located in the industrial park of Catania, Acciaierie di Sicilia has formed part of the Alfa Acciai Group since 1998 and, due to its geographical position, it is the natural benchmark for the southern Italy steel market and for export to other Mediterranean countries. It is the ideal partner for customers in northern Africa and the development of those countries.


Acciaierie di Sicilia produces high-quality steel billets, rebars in the diameter range of  8 to 32 mm and coils in the diameter range of 8 to 16 mm. The end product is the result of a production  process that involves the use of scrap sourced directly from Sicily, which undergoes strict X-ray control using state-of-the-art equipment,  the melting and rolling with Tempcore heat treatment, and final packaging where rebars are arranged in parallel with the coiling line.


Besides the strategic geographical position facing North African countries, Acciaierie di Sicilia stands out for its constant technological innovation and steel-making know-how, all factors guaranteeing an increasingly high quality standard in compliance with environmental and occupational health and safety requirements.


Among the company’s main objectives, priority is given to environmental sustainability and product quality, which results in the production of B450C S eco-sustainable steel that ensures excellent performance in anti-seismic structures. Eco-sustainability is also proven by the environmental certifications obtained (EN ISO 14021, ISO 14025 EPD, LCA, SUSTSTEEL) and by the fact of using scrap (waste) as raw material and converting it into the end product (rebar),  thus becoming a circular economy benchmark, just like the Alfa Acciai steel mill.


Acciaieria di Sicilia is the only steel mill operating in Sicily. Thanks to its size, the latest technology used and high quality products, it has created a supply chain employing hundreds of people and has established reliable relationships with customers who have contributed to establish today’s Sicily.


Aware of the role it plays in the area, Acciaierie di Sicilia reflects the Alfa Acciai Group’s strong corporate social liability at the best.

Acciaierie di Sicilia


The Vicenza-based Ferroberica joined the Alfa Acciai Group in March 1991 and is now the leading company in Italy and the second in Europe for pre-shaping and assembling reinforcing steel for all types of road, rail and maritime structures, and buildings for public, civil and industrial use.


Ferroberica is part of the parent company’s downstream integration project for steel used in the construction industry, thereby guaranteeing the qualitative aspects of incoming raw materials through to the end product supplied to Italian major construction companies. It can also provide customers with installation services on request.


With a production capacity of over 300,000 tonnes  and a flexible and integrated organisational structure and highly skilled personnel, Ferroberica ensures optimum efficiency in meeting varied customer requirements according to production quantities, quality and installation, and is also a reliable skilled partner at the work analysis, design and initial site planning phases.


In line with the downstream integration principle that has always guided the Alfa Acciai Group, in 2006 Ferroberica opened a new plant for pre-shaping operations in Catania, where the rebar and coils produced by the subsidiary Acciaierie di Sicilia are used. The strategic location of its production sites, following the recent addition of the Sedegliano (Udine) plant to the Vicenza- and Catania-based ones, ensures a prompt supply of products or services and an efficient after-sale service to customers.


In line with Alfa Acciai Group’s philosophy, Ferroberica’s significant boost to customer-care is due to our 60-year position as a leader in the production of reinforcing steel in Italy.


Tecnofil joined the Alfa Acciai Group in September 2016 and has become one of the major drawing mills with galvanisers in Europe for its high production capacity and the vast range of products, specialising in galvanized wire, alu-zinc and bright wire, for use in building construction, electrical household appliances, the automative industry, perimeter safety, fencing and other numerous daily applications. Diameters available range from 1.50 mm to 8 mm.


The close cooperation with Alfa Acciai and the installation of the new wire galvanising line have allowed Tecnofil to increase its annual production capacity to 100,000 tonnes in the 30,000 m2 plant situated in Gottolengo, to the south of Brescia, quite near the parent company, and ensure a quick response to customer orders.


Supported by more than 25 years of experience in the production of low and medium carbon wire and the in-depth knowledge of customer processing equipment and production lines, Tecnofil has been able to develop over the years its vocation to innovating its production processes and the constant search for tailor-made solutions for domestic and foreign customers.


The exclusive know-how of the company has been recently strengthened by becoming part of the Alfa Acciai Group, in that the direct knowledge of the quality of raw materials, i.e. wire rod, supplied only by Alfa Acciai, and regular in-process quality controls in line with the upstream production at the parent company are a guarantee of high technically performing products and constant quality over time, thus optimising production performance.


In line with Alfa Acciai Group’s philosophy, the keywords that have always driven the Tecnofil’s significant boost to innovation are “quality”, “reliability” and “respect” towards customers and their work, the nearly 120 employees and the geographical area where the company is based.

IMQ - ISO 50001
IMQ - ISO 50001
Certquality - ISO 45001:2018
IGQ - ISO 9001 - 14001
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