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Downstream processing Alfa Acciai: recoiled wire and welded wire mesh

Downstream processing at Alfa Acciai

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Downstream processing at Alfa Acciai

Downstream processing

In the downstream Alfa Derivati production unit the hot-rolled ribbed coils are processed to obtain:

  • Recoiled wire, diameters 6-16 mm, in spools weighing up to 5000 kg;
  • High-ductility welded wire mesh for reinforced concrete in standard formats.


The recoiling/stretching process uses latest-generation high-productivity equipment that ensure increased mechanical properties of the processed wire, while maintaining the high-ductility properties for products in class HD – High Ductility.

It is worth noting the importance of recoiling by winding up the turns very precisely and accurately, which facilitates our customers in unwinding and processing the coil. The product is packaged on automatic strapping machines.

The production of welded wire mesh involves recoiling on independent processing lines equipped with unwinding stations, untangling benches, gear blocks, straightening benches and spoolers, followed by assembling on fully automated lines, each consisting of a series of lengthwise and crosswise wire uncoiling and gearing devices, a multiple welding bench, and downstream equipment for the packaging, strapping and storage of the packs of finished panels.

Alfa Acciai was the first company in Europe to believe in the “high-ductility” project for welded mesh, a product that was traditionally made from cold-rolled wire only.

IMQ - ISO 50001
IMQ - ISO 50001
Certquality - ISO 45001:2018
IGQ - ISO 9001 - 14001
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