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Environment and sustainability

Two production plants, two cities at the opposite ends of one country, and one organisation.

Two of the Group's companies which stand out are Alfa Acciai and Acciaierie di Sicilia, with the former stretching over more than 350,000 m2 and well-established near the industrial city of Brescia, and the latter smaller plant situated in Catania on the island of Sicily.
Despite a distance of more than 2000 km separating them, company policy and steelmaking operations are common to both, as is the passion for steel at their core. As a result Alfa Acciai and Acciaierie di Sicilia are viewed as one organisation which is continually evolving under different perspectives:

  • Investment in new technologically-advanced systems that guarantee high level environmental performance, keeping impact to a minimum;
  • Specific ongoing monitoring based on various environmental matrices;
  • Process performance and control to produce high-quality products;
  • Use of the best information technology to control the multiple aspects of the business, optimising data usability and improving the integrated management of the production cycle;
  • The implementation of environmental mitigation measures;
  • An ongoing focus on employee health and safety.

The excellent quality of the finished product isn't the only strength these companies possess. "Quality can't exist, nor employee health and safety can exit, without safeguarding the environment. There's no future without sustainability."


This responsible, sustainable economic strategy that has always underpinned the Quality, Safety & Environmental Policy of the parent company Alfa Acciai, is essential for business continuity and achieving lasting success and embodies the core values on which the company was founded.


An unflagging commitment to achieving the aforementioned intentions is evident in the significant investment made, the ongoing process improvement and the training provided for our personnel.

Among the numerous projects completed or underway, outlined below are the principles which, thanks to the latest system and information technologies, emphasise the continued and increasing focus on corporate sustainability, defined as balancing the growth expectations of company value with safeguarding the environment and employee health and safety, while respecting our customers:


  • Efficient systems to reduce emissions created in all phases of the process, including blowing activated carbons to reduce dioxins to below the legal limit, and the latest atomising guns in the slag shed;
  • The latest generation furnace offgas filtering system and a continuous emission monitoring system (CEMS) to monitor emissions into the atmosphere;
  • Modern soundproofing technologies for structures and machinery;
  • Optimising water management, including an upgraded collection system in the scrap area;
  • High level of computerisation for environmental controls relating to production processes;
  • Continually striving to increase efficiency and product range with technical modifications to hot rolling lines and the installation of 2 cutting-edge cold rolling lines;
  • Increasing focus on customer satisfaction with the introduction of 2 fast, cutting-edge shears;
  • Maximising personnel safety with the possible use of exoskeletons;
  • Intensifying radiometric monitoring with high-precision fixed radiometric portal monitors;
  • Optimising logistics in all phases of the process, for example by organising and expanding the billet warehouse, restyling additive systems and upgrading the billet evacuation plate.


Alfa Acciai is researching and developing an innovative and efficient system for recovering heat from its production plant and feeding it into the district heating system already serving the town of Brescia.

In line with sustainable development principles, Alfa Acciai and Acciaierie di Sicilia obtained Integrated Environmental Permits over a decade ago, and various certificates, which can be downloaded from this website.


Alfa Acciai fully engages with the area in which it operates, and consequently is active in various associations to ensure ongoing improvement in terms of environmental impact, cooperation with local government and the surrounding community, which is facilitated by liaising with other production plants.


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